Transformative Business Group


Our consultants partner deeply with our clients to ensure that we are providing exactly the world class services and expertise necessary to remove any resistance to their dreams.

We will meet with you for an “Initial Intake” to learn, document, and internalize your branding environment and business plans, focusing on the strategic goals of your project with the people actually performing and managing the work. We ask $240 for this meeting, and it usually lasts 1 to 2 hours.

Once the Initial Intake is complete, you are a Member and all of our special rates and services become available to you.

Based on our Initial Intake we will create a project plan and handoff goals, along with a project estimate, and will go over the plan with you to make sure that we’ve captured your preferred future, and to make sure that all of the key discussion makers agree on the goals and handoff for the project.

The resulting project might take a few hours, or a few months, and might be billed monthly at a flat rate, or might be billed on a hourly rate.  Whatever the outcome, we will do what we can to make sure your goals and needs come first, and that the final cost of the project is within your means, and is appropriate for the benefit that it will bring to you or your organization.

Above all, our quest is to identify and eliminate any hurdles preventing you from achieving your preferred future, and empowering you to continue your journey as you see fit and in a way that best leverages your unique core strengths.

For Artists and Other Creatives

If you are a startup or sole creative, please check out CiCanHelp, our new service that is specifically configured to help creatives.

If you’d like a little more “umph” to your project, and your budget allows for it, we can absolutely help you.

To us, your vision is what matters, not the nuts and bolts of how you assemble the shelves or display cases that are used to display your art. And that’s where we come in.

We don’t want to sell you an online store. We want to help you find the perfect space, outfit it with the accoutrements that best express and highlight your personal brand, and when the doors open we want to be there only as much as you need and in a way that keeps the focus on your creation, and the value of your work.

For Entrepreneurs and Advocates

Your vision and the energy that you bring to your mission and projects should not be constrained by technological concerns.

When working with you our focus will be on eliminating anything that stands between you and your goals, and between you and your audience.

Our highest aim will be the transparency of our solutions, and the measure of our success will be the empowerment of your message and brand.

Consulting Rates

We ask $240 for the Initial Intake meeting, and then between $80 and $120 per hour on a sliding scale based on your revenue and the size of your organization for any project work.

We also have “Monthly Retainer” rates for clients who need to have someone who they can call for help at a moments notice, but who don’t really need any ongoing project work performs.

Above all, we want to find a way that you can achieve the work that you need, at a rate that is appropriate for you and your organization’s goals.

And one of our core ideals is that our more prosperous members will help to add value to our less prosperous members.

So, if our rates are more than you are comfortable paying, do talk with us about your goals and your situation, and perhaps one of our other members will sponsor the work for you.

We aren’t saying that it’s all about Synergy, but it also isn’t all about Synergy.

And together we are hoping that everyone can achieve their preferred futures – even if they might be a little more expensive than their budgets can currently allow.

Yes – we think the work we do is fun and awesome beyond words. And it’s a little bit funny, too.

We are also always willing to put together special one-time “Project Rates” for members and partners that can help to make larger projects possible, without breaking your budget, such as one-time rates for complete branding reboots.

Contact us or your client specialist to set up an appointment to discuss your consulting needs today.


Getting online does require a certain amount of infrastructure, including registration and name services. But trying to bill individually for all the separate pieces is actually more expensive than any of the pieces are worth, so we just add together the total hosting costs of all our members, and divide by the number of members.

As of 2016, the flat rate being hosted on our services is $5.99 for hosting, and 120% of whatever it costs us to register your domains.

That comes to $69.99 a year for hosting, no matter how many domains or services you have on our servers, and $19.99 for each of your .COM, .ORG, and .NET domains.

We bill for hosting annually, but if you need a different arrangement let us know and we’ll figure something out.

We do not provide any hosting services for anyone who is not a member.

To become a member, we just need to do a project for you.

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