We are not accepting new members, and no longer do consulting under this parent company. This page has been left up for legacy purposes, and for our existing members.

Consulting, Infrastructure, and Web Development

Our consultants partner deeply with our clients to ensure that we are providing the services and expertise necessary to remove any resistance to their dreams – even if those services and expertise are best provided by someone else.

We will meet with you for an “Initial Intake” to learn, document, and internalize your branding environment and business plans, focusing on the strategic goals of your project with the people actually performing and managing the work.

Once the Initial Intake is complete, will be welcomed as a Member and all of our special rates and no-charge services become available to you.

Based on our Initial Intake we will create a project plan and handoff goals, along with a project estimate, and will go over the plan with you to make sure that we’ve captured your preferred future, and to make sure that all of the key discussion makers agree on the goals and handoff for the project.

The resulting project might take a few hours, or a few months, and we will work with you to find a price point for any work or equipment that is needed that fits your budget, but that is also within scope for the scale of your project. We will do what we can to provide what we are doing for free or at the lowest possible price and to find sponsors for anything you are not able to afford, but we also will not take on any work which we ourselves can not afford. Whatever the outcome, we will do what we can to make sure your goals and needs come first, and that the final cost of the project is within your means, and is appropriate for the benefit that it will bring to you or your organization.

Above all, our quest is to identify and eliminate any hurdles preventing you from achieving your preferred future, and empowering you to continue your journey as you see fit and in a way that best leverages your unique core strengths.

We aren’t saying that it’s all about Synergy, but it also isn’t all about Synergy.


Getting online does require a certain amount of expense, including registration and the fiddly bits of how websites work including databases and servers. But we have found that trying to bill individually for all the separate pieces can be more expensive than any of the pieces are worth, so we just add together the total hosting costs of all our members, and divide by the number of members.

As of 2022, the monthly ‘supporter’ rate is $2.99 for all hosting and services related to your hosting, and registration of domains is at their cost to us. That comes to just under $36 a year for hosting (minus registration), no matter how many domains or services you have on our servers, or how many databases, email accounts, or other ‘bits and pieces’ of being on the web you need to represent yourself.

Sponsored and low income members pay nothing.

Anyone who pays more than the minimum is automatically a “Sponsor” of other members and receives priority attention if they need help or access to new services.

We bill for hosting annually, but if you need a different arrangement let us know and we’ll figure something out.

We do not provide any hosting services for anyone who is not a member.

We are no longer accepting new members unless you are a personal friend or an organization we are already working with.