TRANSFORMATIVE BUSINESS GROUP LLC is a non-profit sole proprietorship.

We are mostly retired now, but we were a group of nerds who bundled services at a level that permitted us to give our members access to services and products that would otherwise be out of their financial or technological reach.

We’re all independent contractors, but we’re also close friends. We partner as closely as possible with each other and our members because we want everything we do to be mutually beneficial.

Typically this means “Fun for us, useful and inexpensive or free for you.”

Paying for it was usually taken care of after our clients were up and running and making actual profit, and we were blessed to have had patrons who were willing to donate whatever was necessary to help artists and charities that interested them represent themselves on the web.

In every project we worked to identify a path that empowered our clients to be self-sufficient and to be able to achieve their preferred futures without additional help from us, and to cut through the sometimes intentionally obfuscated mess that getting your startup on the internet can be.

We share hosting, infrastructure, and normal operating expenses equally across all our members. Because we are able to bundle these at a higher level than is usually accessible to consumers, we are able to provide almost wholesale prices or in many cases provide things that usually would have costs associated with them for free. In addition to this, we have patrons and members who pay more than their share of the annualized expenses to help support others.

In this way, we are able to host charities, startups, low income artists, and churches for significantly lower prices than they might face arranging for their own services or infrastructure, and in many cases without any cost to them.

Once new members were online and stable, we leveraged our assets to help them become self-sufficient in those areas where our core services do not add value. If that meant they assumed complete control and responsibility for their web presence, we helped them get their own internal processes set up and worked with them to ensure a complete and successful handoff.

“Support Is Mutual” was and remains our motto, and in all of our activities we sought a balance between the self-interest of our members, our own organization, and our client’s audience.

Because when everyone wins, everyone wins.

And winning is good.

We are no longer accepting new clients unless they are personal friends, and instead most of us now spend our time waiting for things we did in the past to need updates or fixes.

That said, if you are a low income artist or starting up a new project or charity and would like to find out if we are able to contribute to your success, or if you are willing to become a member and help support others by sharing the costs of our legacy operations, you can send us an email.