Transformative Business Group


TRANSFORMATIVE BUSINESS GROUP LLC is a not-for-profit Web technology consulting and hosting organization based in Minnesota in the United States, specializing in the high value bundled services and expertise that helps us to empower our members and partners to successfully participate and compete in a Web-based world.

We are independent contractors, but we partner as closely as possible with our members, making our successes not only mutually beneficial, but also a mutual investment in our future. The best outcome for our members and clients is always the best outcome for us – and in every project we want to identify a path that empowers our clients to be self-sufficient and to be able to achieve their preferred futures without additional help from us.

We share hosting expenses equally across all our members. Our consulting and project rates are structured so that charities, startups, and individual artists are able to access higher levels of service than normally might be available to them. And we leverage existing assets, staff, and volunteers whenever possible to help our members become self-sufficient in those areas where our core services do not add value.

“Support Is Mutual” is our motto, and in all of our activities we seek a balance between the self-interest of our members, our own organization, and our client’s audience.

Because when everyone wins, everyone wins.

To talk with us to find out what we can achieve together, please email us today.

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